Storage and transfer of empty containers

Storage and transfer of empty containers


Progeco Holland’s empty depots are available to all: the storage and transfer facilities are used by shipping and leasing companies, agents and logistical service providers. This also applies to the additional services like, maintenance, repair and modification.

The container depots are located on Heijplaat, in the centre of the port area of Rotterdam and easily accessible by both lorry and ship.

If required, Progeco Holland can take care of the transport of your containers between your location (or a sea port or inland terminal) and one of our depots, or vice versa.


Depot Eemhaven
• Total depot service area: 45,000 m²
• Total repair surface area: 2,000 m²
• Storage capacity: 6,000 teu
• Washing area: 400 m²
• Reefer connections: 40
• Wharf length: 200 metres

Depot Waalhaven
• Total depot service area: 73,000 m²
• Total repair surface area: 2,000 m² (of which 600 m² covered)
• Storage capacity: 9,000 teu
• Washing area: 600 m²
• Reefer connections: 160
• Wharf length: 150 metres

Depot Duisburg
• Total depot service area: 60,000 m²
• Total repair surface area: 1,000 m²
• Storage capacity: 5,000 teu
• Washing area: 400 m²
• Company flexitank area: 400 m²

• Empty Handlers: 14
• Forklift trucks: 5
• Dock cranes: 2
• Container trucks: 2
• Service vans: 7
• Chassis: 2

Choosing Progeco is choosing

30 years of experience

Progeco Holland has been active in the container industry for more than thirty years. The parent company CMA CGM Group is one of the larger logistical service providers in the world. Progeco Holland has depots at its disposal in the most important harbour cities all over Europe.

Easy access

Our centrally located depots in the Rotterdam harbour area are open on weekdays from 06.00 hrs to 22.00 hrs. They can also be accessed outside of these hours and at the weekend on request. Progeco Holland also has a service point in Duisburg in Germany at its disposal. All of our depots are easily accessible by both barge and lorry.

Mobile repair service

Progeco offers a special mobile repair service with specially trained professionals who are active in the whole of Europe. The service also includes checking reefers for R40 and making repairs.

Depot to terminal full service

Progeco Holland is able to offer an appropriate total packet with its Depot to Terminal Full Service is Progeco Holland, including quality inspection of suitable containers, the installation of flexitanks, complete transportation with the correct equipment from depot to terminal and professional support during loading or unloading.

Worldwide Container Services. Containers, flexitanks, reefers, depots and more!

You’re at the right place at Progeco Holland for empty sea containers and everything else that has to do with them.

We have two empty depots in Rotterdam where you can come for comprehensive services and fast assistance.
We handle, supply and repair all types and sizes of container.
The depots in Rotterdam are modern and easily accessible by road and water. We also offer a Depot to Terminal Full Service for flexitanks and a mobile repair service (also for reefers). Our repair personnel are active in the whole of the Netherlands and, from our service point in Duisburg, the entire Rhine catchment area to Basel.

Progeco Holland, in Rotterdam, is well-known in the world of containers. It’s not for nothing that Progeco means ´the worldwide depot network’.